Review: Moshi VersaCover helps your iPad Air stand up and out

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Moshi VersaCoverThe Moshi VersaCover for iPad Air has become one of those rare cases I don’t want to remove to review anything else. I love its design, and I love its functionality. And although the VersaCover isn’t the option you want to go with if you’re seeking complete protection, it’s thin enough that you can use it with some sleeves, should the need arise.

The VersaCover’s distinguishing feature—as its name implies—is the cover. But although it supports the iPad’s sleep/wake function, don’t get the idea that it’s just a third-party replacement for Apple’s Smart Cover. It’s an enhancement in every way.

First, the VersaCover offers more complete protection for your iPad Air. It doesn’t just cover the screen, it has a transparent polycarbonate shell that snaps over the back of your iPad, keeping it protected from scratches and scuffs. The fit is great, although the edges don’t rise above the screen. This is to accommodate the cover, of course, but you may want extra screen protection just to be safe.

Moshi VersaCover

The cover is attached to the back shell. It wraps over the iPad screen from left to right, where it’s held in place with magnets. They’re not overly powerful, but they do the job.

It’s when you fold it back, however, that the VersaCover is able to show off. The folds are more diverse and intuitive than with Apple’s Smart Cover, and the fold creases provide a more interesting design element when closed. I like the texture and the available colors (aloe green, denim blue, Sakura pink, and velvet gray) better, too, but I would like to see a few more color options—a darker gray, for sure, and perhaps the return of that excellent shade of purple Moshi used to offer.

The cover folds up nicely into the various angles that provide options for reading (a bit awkward, this one), typing and browsing. Moshi provides instructions for each, and you’ll want to go over those a couple times. See the fold I have for mine below?

Moshi VersaCover

That’s not even a listed method, it’s the reverse of Moshi’s suggested browsing fold. But it’s what I’m accustomed to, so it’s how I do it. Don’t judge.

The VersaCover for iPad Air will run you $60 compared to Apple’s $40 Smart Cover, but that won’t provide any back protection, so you’ll need to sink more money into an additional shell or skin. Apple’s more complete Smart Case will run you $80, and it’s not as attractive or functional as Moshi’s VersaCover.

So, any iPad Air case review units that come our way will be handed off to other writers for the time being. I trust you’re all okay with that.

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Moshi VersaCover for iPad Air review

Buy the Moshi VersaCover for iPad Air

Provides: iPad Air protection and display
Developer: Moshi
Minimum Requirements: iPad Air (also available for iPad mini and iPad mini with Retina display)
Price: $60.00
Availability: Now

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