FlipBook case review: Elegant simplicity for your iPad

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The Felix FlipBook case for iPad is a combination cover and stand suited to use in the office, on an airplane tray, at home in your favorite chair, or most anywhere else you want or need to use your iPad for typing, browsing, watching movies, reading, playing games or whatever.


FlipBook has the virtue of elegant simplicity—a one piece unit, albeit made up of several parts, some moving, but with none removable under normal use. There’s no origami, no tricky fold techniques to learn, and no guesswork, and with 22 angles of incline supported in landscape and a portrait orientation (11 each), you should easily be able to find the ideal one for your needs and preference.


Incline angles can be changed instantly by switching the fold-out support leaf that nests in the stand base among the grooves molded into the plastic stand base/ cover back. To switch between landscape and portrait, just slide the iPad out and re-position it in seconds.



As a case cover for the iPad, FlipBook offers light protection for the tablet. A simple plastic clip secures the iPad in situ, and smart cover magnets embedded in the cover flap automatically and instantly wake up the iPad when the cover is opened and put it to sleep upon closing.


Our test unit could accommodate the iPad 2, 3, or 4 models. A FlipBook mini that supports 16 angle configurations is also available, and Boston based Felix (the name means “happy” in Latin) say an iPad Air version is coming soon. Both current models are available in either black on black for black or Space Gray iPads and tan on white for white or silver iPads.


Both the FlipBook and FlipBook mini sell for $59.99, and while that’s relatively expensive as iPad cases go, the price premium—as with the iPads themselves—reflects attention to quality of construction and materials. This case looks and feels upmarket and is truly dual-purpose.

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FlipBook for iPad review

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Provides: Scratch/scuff protection, display
Developer: Felix
Minimum Requirements: iPad 2/3/4 (also available for iPad mini)
Price: $59.99
Availability: Now

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