Noreve iPad Air Tradition leather case review

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The Noreve iPad Air Tradition case will definitely appeal to you if you prefer to encase your devices in leather—specifically, top quality handcrafted leather.

Noreve iPad Air Tradition

According to Noreve, their iPad Air leather case is handcrafted, meaning each case they make is different from the previous ones. Or, at the very least, you are assured the Tradition case is manufactured with the utmost care, ensuring that quality standards are fully met.

So, how about its other features? Well, it’s pretty much what you would expect from an iPad Air folio case. It has slim and padded design that closes easily even without a magnetic or snap closure. Of course, the strong leather exterior provides optimal protection for your iPad Air.

Noreve iPad Air Tradition

The Noreve iPad Air Tradition leather case gives you access to the basic functions of your iPad Air, including the camera lens, flash, headphones and headset jacks, and charging and synchronization ports.

Finally, although the Noreve website says there’s a possibility you can use this case for display in portrait viewing mode, it would have been better if they speficially designed the case to support this. The landscape viewing display mode, though, is pretty sturdy, and you can adjust the angle as well.

The Noreve iPad Air Tradition leather case is a pretty good case to consider, especially if you want elegance and sophistication. You might find it a bit expensive, but the premium leather helps to justify the tag. Plus, each Noreve iPad Air Tradition leather comes in an elegant red box and soft pouch as if you’re receiving a special gift from Noreve.

Noreve iPad Air Tradition

The Noreve iPad Air Tradition leather case is available now for $90.19 in 12 colors, although some of the are available on-demand and will take a bit longer to ship. Considering the quality of our review unit, though, it’ll be worth the wait.

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Noreve Tradition Case for iPad Air review

Buy the Noreve iPad Air Tradition Leather Case

Provides: iPad Air protection and display
Developer: Noreve
Minimum Requirements: iPad Air (also available for iPad mini 2)
Price: $90.19 (exchange rate at press time)
Availability: Now

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