Snugg iPhone 5s Ultra Thin case review

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I frequently buy cheap iPhone 5s cases as my collection at the local flea markets when I stroll along the meandering streets. My mom has scolded me that I should stick to one case since I’ve been racking them up in my drawer. The last item I bought was a cheap black metal bumper; pretty heavy, blunt, and bulky. Of course, as always, buyers get what they pay for, and sadly, it didn’t last that long. Cheap price means cheap quality—I knew this from the start, but I was also hardheaded and compulsive when it comes to these cases.

When I received the Snugg iPhone 5s Ultra Thin case, my first impression was, “Hmmm…it’s lightweight, sleek, and smooth.” Will that impression will last?

Snugg Iphone 5s ultra thin case

It’s sky blue, and it matches the color of my armband. So far, so good. Check.

It perfectly fits my iPhone 5s. Double check.

Aside from that, I felt the essence of its lightness and ultrathin features when I was out running errands and went to get the iPhone to check the time, and boy, I barely felt the weight of the phone itself. It felt like it didn’t have a case at all.

Snugg Iphone 5s ultra thin case

Two things that concern me with smartphones are the bumps and scratches. Thankfully, the Snugg case protects it against these, and even from stains.

I’ve observed that unlike the typical cases that cover the external buttons and speakers, the Ultra Thin case’s design allowed me to access the buttons seamlessly, including the charger and headset ports, and it perfectly cradles and snugs the iPhone, making it good for daily use.

Snugg Iphone 5s ultra thin case

Spring is coming up, and I bet you’ll love the available colors for your Snugg Ultra Thin case—whether you want a hot pink, orange, yellow, super red, or plain black, you have dozen of colors to choose from.

Will I still buy another set of cases at the local market? For now, I’ll stick with the Snugg iPhone case. It’s light, thin, and compact (and most of all, it fits in my armband, too).

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Snugg iPhone 5s Ultra Thin case review

Buy the Snugg iPhone 5s Ultra Thin case

Provides: Protection from bumps scratches
Developer: The Snugg
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 5/5s
Price: $24.99
Availability: Now

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  • Joseph Singer

    I think people should buy the case that they want for their phone. With that said I have to say that I’m completely satisfied with a TPU case that I got from for less than $2. It protects my phone, is clear to show the real color of my phone and it has enough texture that I don’t feel like I’m going to fumble and drop my phone. It’s thin enough that it does not add a lot of bulk yet still protects my phone.

  • Dave Jones

    Krisette. I have also been buying the cheap and sleek cases every few months for my iPhone. But I started seeing a bunch of cool wallet cases and thought it would be good to dump my Costanza wallet. I bought a jimmycase a few weeks ago and dig it. Holds 6 cards in stretchy elastic and silicone bumper doesn’t crack like my plastic cases. You should give it a review. Thanks Dave.