CrossWay case review – basic protection and wallet functionality for iPhone 5/5s

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crossway iphone 5/5s case

Here’s another unique iPhone case that you might want to check out—the CrossWay iPhone 5/5s case from FelixBrand. The CrossWay has a unique design that helps it serve dual purposes; it’s an iPhone case and a slim wallet at the same time.

As an iPhone 5/5s case, the Crossway provides ample protection for the iPhone via the polycarbonate frame that serves as a bumper.

crossway iphone 5/5s case

At the same time, it uses a rubber mesh backing that serves as a wallet case. This rubber mesh stretches to accommodate cash or a credit card, maintaining almost the same thinness as when nothing is placed in the wallet case.

crossway iphone 5/5s case

And due to its minimal form factor, the CrossWay iPhone 5/5s case won’t make your iPhone heavier than it is when no case is used.

The CrossWay iPhone 5/5s case is available in gray-black and gray-white for the classic look and pink-white and red-white for a more funky color design.

If you don’t feel like covering your iPhone 5/5s with a hard, polycarbonate casing, then the CrossWay iPhone 5/5s case is a unique option for you. For $29.99, you’ll get not only an iPhone case but a wallet case as well. Perfect for those who want to be on the move, but lightly.

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Buy the CrossWay iPhone 5/5s case

Provides: Protection from bumps and falls and wallet case
Developer: Felix Brand
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 5/5s
Price: $29.99
Availability: Now

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