The 5 best DLC you need for Borderlands 2

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Think you’re finished with Borderlands 2 just because you’ve made it all the way through to Ultimate Vault Hunter mode? Think again. There are more than 10 downloadable expansion packs available for the game, giving you everything from increased skill levels to new characters to whole new campaigns of awesomeness to complete. Aspyr has kept the fun coming to Mac gamers with their excellent port, so here are the five best DLCs to help you keep your Borderlands 2 fix going (and to pick up epic loot in the process).

5. Headhunter 2: The Horrible Hunger of the Ravenous Wattle Gobbler

Feel like falling asleep after all that turkey on Thanksgiving? THINK AGAIN! All caps are necessary here, because Mr. Torgue is the main character in this story. Travel to Mr. Torgue’s Hunger for Violence Extravaganza, meet Mr. Torgue’s grandmother (a musclebound yet ancient goddess), and then head off in search of the Wattle Gobbler.

Borderlands 2 DLC

Get ready to fight your way past murderous fry cooks with hilarious celebrity-pun names, one seriously enraged turkey, and an extended metaphor for The Hunger Games.

4. Headhunter 3: How Marcus Saved Mercenary Day

It’s Christmas! Or is it? No, it’s actually Mercenary Day, but the basic tenets of the holiday are the same: brightly wrapped packages, ugly sweaters, and a cute riff on a Dickensian characters—Smaller-than-average Timothy. Tongue-in-cheek humor is served for the holidays, as you fight your way through the village of Gingerton on your way to recover a missing shipment of Marcus’ weapons.

Borderlands 2 DLC

And of course, there’s an abominable snowman at the end.

3. Ultimate Vault Hunter’s Pack 2: Digistruct Peak Challenge

Head to Digistruct Peak, a Crimson Raiders training ground where Patricia Tannis, with all her warped social skills, will put you through your paces.

Borderlands 2 DLC

Although the enemies aren’t new per se, the situations where you encounter them are, and there’s a special twist…the pack increases your skill cap to level 72, but Overpower levels allow you to fight enemies whose skill level ranges up to 80. Overpower also lets you equip weapons above level 72, so the loot these bosses drop can be incredibly powerful.

2. Captain Scarlett and her Pirate’s Booty

This one’s a melange of everything that makes Borderlands 2 so special: an unexpected female pirate captain, odd characters who may/may not have a streak of necrophilia, and psychotic pirates hellbent on blowing you up/shooting you/hacking you to bits. Playing up the usual Borderlands irony, the entire pirate story is set in a desert (because why not?), and like all the DLC, it includes plenty of new challenges.

Borderlands 2 DLC

Loot dropped in one of the missions (which features a hilarious encounter with a pornography-averse Loader) includes one of the most powerful guns of the entire game: the Sand Hawk. Loot farmers, take note, and work the Whoops mission for all it’s worth.

1. Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep

Catharsis, catharsis, catharsis. Spoiler alert, the Tiny Tina’s Assault missions take place after the main events of the Borderlands 2 base game, but they are also heavily reference those events. If you haven’t finished the game yet, don’t visit the Unassuming Docks! This DLC actually contains an almost total reimagining of the basic Borderlands 2 universe, with new uses for eridium, new treasure chests, and a complete fantasy-themed reskinning of all game elements like weapons, vending machines, and characters.

Borderlands 2 DLC

Tiny Tina is easily one of the most warped characters from the base Borderlands 2 game, but her expansion gives her an awesome back story and works through some unresolved emotional issues from the main game. Have your kleenex handy and get ready to roll for damage!

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  • cw

    I LOVED Tiny Tina’s DLC. The ending in particular was very sweet.