Review: eleMount CNC machined mount for iOS devices [updated]

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The Kickstarter sensation of 2013, the eleMount, is now shipping to supporters. A simple and elegant design to hold any device onto nearly any surface, it can be used to hold an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to be used in a car, displayed on a table, and even used with a standard camera mount. We managed to get one of the early shipments to try it out and see how it holds up to use.


The design of the eleMount from ele is simplicity at it’s very best. The whole idea is a minimalistic design to capture and complement the design of the devices that can be attached to it. It is made from aluminum in the shape of two spherical cones that meet in the middle. Where it meets is the flex joint that allows you to position the attached device into nearly any orientation and angle you desire. One of the “cones” can unscrew to reveal a base that will allow the eleMount to attach to any standard camera mount. The eleMount I bought is anodized black. It is also available in a silver finish.

On both ends of the eleMount are polyurethane pads, or elePads, as they would like to call them. These elePads are like thousands of tiny suction cups that will adhere to the back of any device, even if left in a protective case. On the other end, the elePad is able to stick onto virtually any surface, making the eleMount extremely versatile in how you wish to use it for holding your device. This makes it useful to hold your device in your car or use as a stand on a table.


The elePads on both ends are very sticky. My eleMount also came with two end caps ($9.99 each), or eleCaps, that are used to cover each end to prevent any dust or debris from collecting onto the sticky surface.

The end that houses the camera mount base has a very tight tolerance so that when screwed together it looks like one seamless piece.



If you’re looking for a universal mount for your iDevice that’s designed to complement what it’s holding, look no further than the eleMount from ele.

[Update: June 15, 2014 – There has been an increasing number of dissatisfied customers who have purchased the eleMount. The complaints all focus on the lack of secure adhesion of the eleMount to any surface. The company has posted responses that it is looking into the situation and seeking a solution. In the meantime, the complaints continue to grow.

What exactly is wrong?  It’s not the aluminum design or anodized finish; that remains to be of top quality in both fit, finish, design, and function. Where the weakness lies is with the reusable adhesive pads that are used not only for holding your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to the mount, but to also secure the mount to any solid surface. The adhesive pads show good strength in holding onto any device, but it cannot hold the weight of the mount itself, let alone the mount plus the attached device.

This problem ends up causing the device to simply fall over if used as a display stand, or fall off any surface (automotive windshield, cabinet, wall, etc.). This not only causes potential danger and distraction, but potential damage to the attached device as well. The eleMount I used for the review has started exhibiting the same problem, beginning after the review period was complete. The adhesive pads need to be replaced with something that offers stronger adhesion but does not damage the surface or device attached to it.

With this serious issue in mind, we have removed our recommendation for this product until the defect has been corrected and a solution is provided to existing customers. We do hope a solution is found soon so we can recommend it once again.]

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  • Huw Long

    This mount won’t hold to any surface for more than a couple of mins. To fit in a car is dangerous, all emails to the company are ignored. There are hundreds of complaints on KS which are being ignored. $154 is a lot of money for items that don’t work as advertised.