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Autumn Dynasty: Warlords is available today in iTunes for $6.99. That’s a pretty big price for a game, so does it deliver?

What is it?

Autumn Dynasty: Warlords is a great strategy game in which you have the chance to become the fabled First Emperor.

Autumn Dynasty Warlords

Developed by Touch Dimensions, the game features real time game play and is filled with thematic music and visuals to maintain your interest.

How does it work?

Think of this like playing Risk. You control a small area of the realm. Your job is to build up armies and supplies, manage your people (by fear or by influence), and take over other areas either by force, or through peaceful negotiations.

Autumn Dynasty Warlords

The real time turn based system allows you to conduct actions of your army (build, train, invade), your cities, and your warlord (you will gain more as you gain control of more cities). The cities will produce revenue that you can then use to increase your army, build in the city for more revenue, and even use to influence the commoners or bribe neighboring leaders.

Because this is real time, you may be caught dealing with isolated timed events that can affect your game play.  An example would be having your city encounter a period of drought which will reduce the amount of income produced.

Is it contagious?

The game has a really good storyline to maintain interest. Moving around the land and performing actions on armies and cities is very easy to do.

Autumn Dynasty: Warlords

Autumn Dynasty: Warlords is a game anyone can pick up easily and be entertained by for hours on end. Is it worth getting? You bet!

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Seller: Touch Dimensions
Cost: $6.99
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