Kickstarter Find: EverDock Go iPhone car mount [updated]

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UPDATE 4/23/14: The EverDock team has responded to feedback from the Kickstarter community and added a dash mount version of the EverDock. Called the EverDock Dash, it’s a slimmer profile design that puts your iPhone up on your car’s dash, but it’s otherwise exactly the same great dock. Check out the updated pledge levels below.

When AppleTell last looked at FUZ Design’s EverDock, it was a mere Kickstarter campaign. Fast forward a few months, and the company had an extremely popular booth at the Macworld / iWorld 2014; EverDocks were selling at a brisk pace, but there was something even more interesting to be found. Users loved their EverDocks, but the FUZ Design team found they missed the same easy docking functionality in their car. Thus, the EverDock Go was born, and the company had prototypes on hand which generated lots of interest. Suffice it to say the EverDock Go is just as cool as its home-bound cousins, and its Kickstarter campaign just launched this week. EverDock Go

Another Brick in the Wall

The original EverDock uses micro suction to remain firmly in place on your desk, but the more variable conditions of car cupholders make the technology impractical. Instead, the EverDock Go utilizes a mounting disk which you attach with adhesive to virtually any surface in your car. Once in place, simply set the EverDock Go on top of the disk, give it a quarter turn, and your dock is firmly seated and ready for use. To demonstrate the reliable hold of the mounting disk, the FUZ team mounted the EverDock Go to a brick, which Macworld attendees were free to pick up and hold using only the dock. Though designed primarily for use in a cupholder, you can put the EverDock Go virtually anywhere and be confident it’ll stay put. To accomodate a wide variety of cases, the EverDock Go features several adjustments, and it’s capable of holding a phone even with a bulky case like an OtterBox.

EverDock Go

To dock your phone, you simply set it on the protruding Lightning Connector; removing it is as simple as using two fingers to grab your phone and lift. The level of design that went into the EverDock Go makes you appreciate the simple form and functionality, but those two attributes really mean you can forget about the dock and just focus on using your phone—the hallmark of a well-designed product.

Run, Cable, Run!

Part of the Go’s elegance is its simple cable management. Lift off the top of the dock and you’ll find a cable spool to neatly hide the unused cable inside the dock body. On the back of the Go, just under the top, there’s a small cutout which lets you pass your iPhone cable and an aux cable neatly out of sight. Instead of a messy cable run around the interior of your car, all your cords are neatly organized.

Back of EverDock Go

The Go’s universal dock supports Lightning, Apple 30-pin Dock, and Micro USB cords, so you can use virtually any iDevice and other smartphones, too.

Pledge Levels

Unsurprisingly, half of the Early Bird specials are gone, which was predictable given the level of interest Macworld attendees showed at the FUZ Designs booth. There are still some good deals for Kickstarter backers, including:

  • $39: Get an EverDock Go or Dash in black or silver, at approximately $11 off the retail price
  • $49: Get an EverDock Go and Dash combo.
  • $69 (Early Bird Special, regularly $74): Get an EverDock Go 2-paack in black or silver, at approximately $30 off the retail price
  • $74: Get the an EverDock Go or Dash two-pack.

Be sure to check out the EverDock Go’s Kickstarter page for full details and some cool videos showing how it works. Also, make sure you check out all of AppleTell’s ongoing Macworld / iWorld 2014 coverage!

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