Kickstarter Find: iMacompanion USB port for iMac

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AppleTell encountered the wip labs team in the booth at this year’s Macworld / iWorld expo, where they were showcasing two products. First was the iDockAll, a dock for all your iDevices. But the team also had their newly-created iMacompaion on display. Just launched on Kickstarter, this nifty gadget puts the USB port Apple forgot back on the front of your iMac, eliminating awkward groping around the back of your computer.


Thin and Gorgeous

Apple’s design aesthetic eschews all ugly ports from the front of the iMac, leaving you with an impressive expanse of gorgeous-yet-useless aluminum. Sure, most devices nowadays connect wirelessly, but there are still some things with cords that you connect infrequently, like your camera or iPod Shuffle. Unless you want a cable lying around permanently on your desk, you have to do one of two things: turn your iMac around (which isn’t terribly easy due to its rubber-bottomed foot) or feel around blindly hoping you get the USB plug into the right port.


The iMacompanion is a simple little USB extension port that runs an ultrathin USB cable under the foot of your iMac. One end plugs into the back of your Mac, hiding cables cleanly out of sight to keep Apple happy. The other features a clip-on USB port that attaches to the foot of your iMac and gives you easy access to a USB 2.0 port, which keeps you happy. It’s simple, elegant, and made of the same anodized aluminum so it looks like it came straight from the Apple factory. It’s compatible with iMacs going all the way back to the 2004, as well as Apple’s Cinema and Thunderbolt displays.


Pledge Levels

The project has already been successfully funded, so all the Early Bird specials are gone. This effectively leaves just one pledge level: $29 gets you one of the first iMacompanions, which is $10 off the eventual retail price of $39. If you need to route more than one USB cable to the front of your iMac, you can pledge $58 for two or $87 for three.


Head over to the iMacompanion’s Kickstarter page for full details of this nifty little gadget, and make sure you check out all of AppleTell’s Macworld / iWorld 2014 coverage when you’re done.

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