Appidemic: Finder’s Keep for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

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Lace up your stompin’ boots, it’s time to climb the tower and do some killing and loot collecting. Heed the advice of the New Yorkers—those rats are huge (with nasty, big, pointy teeth…).

What is it?

Finders Keep

The main goals of Finder’s Keep are to survive your dungeon crawl, kill the beasties, collect loot and improve your weapons and armor so you can do more of the aforementioned activities. As you collect artifacts you can either spend some game currency to reinforce them or use a special material (gained during game play or as an in-app purchase) to fuse items, thus combining their abilities.

How does it work?

Game control is tap based: tap to move to a location, tap to select attack type or defense posture, tap to equip, etc. There are plenty of artifacts to find, fuse and sell, and plenty of baddies to battle.

The graphics are a mix of grid map and static images, all with good definition. There is not a lot of motion in these pictures but the game doesn’t really need it.

Finders Keep

The background music is a non annoying “epic adventure” soundtrack.

Is it contagious?

There is plenty to explore and do within the game and plenty of levels to keep you busy for quite a while. Finder’s Keep even offers you the chance to run away from opponents you know outclass you so you don’t have to die to learn your lesson (don’t take on the thing which looks like a beholder at level 2… just saying).

About the only gripe I have is the game could use some more tutorial info regarding item stats and fusing. Once you get into the all the details, it’s a fun game for short intervals or longer playing sessions.

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Seller: Big Blue Bubble
Cost: Free (with in-app purchases)
Download: Finder’s Keep

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