Rapoo T120P wireless mouse review

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Rapoo makes several models of wireless mice, but today it’s all about the T120P. This particular model uses a USB receiver to accommodate the 5G wireless transmission. This keeps the mouse from the 2.4G wireless range to keep Bluetooth interference to a minimum. This uses one of USB ports, but a docking station or USB hub can fix that problem fairly quickly.

Rapoo T120P wireless mouse

The T120P comes in black, white, red, green and yellow, so you get some more vibrant choices. Under the base plate you have access to the batteries (this model uses 2 AA cells) and the snug recess to hold the low profile USB receiver when the mouse isn’t in use.

Rapoo T120P wireless mouse

The T120P is a compact design but still large enough to not be “dinky” feeling while using it. The most interesting feature is the touch sensitive “middle button”. This gets the quotes treatment because it is designed to work like a scroll wheel but is built as a flat button. The clever bit is when you swipe your finger across the “middle button” you get tactile feedback (the vibration feels much like the bumpy ride you get with a traditional scroll wheel).

“Hey, that’s pretty neat,” you say, but there are some drawbacks to the Rapoo T120P. If you don’t have the means to increase your USB connectivity, the receiver does take up one of your ports.  The mouse itself uses a couple of AA cells and might be a bit more interesting if it used a rechargeable battery (like so many devices these days).

Lastly, and most importantly, the third button/wheel thing is a bit touchy. I had several instances where a gentle scroll/swipe was not recognized and the screen did nothing. Other swipes, only slightly more vigorous than the no-action results, yielded a hearty high speed journey down the page. So, not quite a precision instrument, and a bit temperamental.

Finding a price should prove to be a bit of fun as well. The rapoo main web page has a link, “Where to Buy”, for “In Store”, “On Line” and “Distributor” but none of them seem to take you to the information you really want: “Where can I get this and how much will it cost?”  Your better bet is to simply search the web and find a retail outlet like Amazon ($38.98 at the time I’m writing this).

After all the hits and misses are factored in, I would have to say the mouse does work mostly well, but there are better options, especially considering the price point.

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Rapoo T120P wireless mouse review

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Provides: Computer mouse input
Developer: Rapoo
Minimum Requirements: USB port
Price: $39.98
Availability: Now

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