Review: Flash Magicstick charges your phone, lights up your life

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Powerocks Flash Magicstick

It’s not a bizarre thought, when you consider it. Those situations when you most need battery backup for your iPhone, iPad or other mobile device could very well be when you need a flashlight, too; power goes out, car breaks down, lost on a hike, that kind of thing. And it’s that combination of power and illumination that makes the Powerocks Flash Magicstick such a useful device.

The Flash Magistick features a rechargeable 3000mAh lithium ion battery. That may not seem like much by today’s standards, but it does get you up to two full charges, depending upon your device. More importantly, it means the device is fairly small (about 4-5/16″ tall by 7/8″ in diameter), allowing you to easily fit it in a purse, pocket, backpack or glove compartment. It comes with a lanyard attachment loop, but is a bit too big to make sense as a keychain attachment.

Stylistically, the Flash Magicstick’s aluminum construction has a metallic sheen that’s available in silver, red, purple, blue and black. Because the USB and micro-USB connections are at the bottom, the Magicstick does come off looking more like a Flashlight than a battery charger.

Powerocks Flash Magicstick

Speaking of flashlight, the on/off switch is also the LED power indicator button. Hit it once, and it’ll tell you how much charge remains in the battery. Hit it twice quickly, and you’ll get the LED flashlight. This is the only part I didn’t like, as the button is recessed a bit too far to be easily hit twice. In addition, you have to hit it twice again to set it to blinking, then twice again to set it on strobe, then finally twice again to shut it back off. Although I like the additional light functions, that’s a lot of work to turn a flashlight on and off. The bright side, though, is that it makes it unlikely the device will accidentally turn on in your purse or pocket and waste the battery. And although the LED flashlight isn’t bright enough to guide you through the woods at night, it’s plenty powerful to help you find your way through the house during a power outage or to change a tire alongside a darkened road.

Powerocks Flash Magicstick

If you’ve got serious battery backup needs, you’ll still want to get something more powerful. But for emergency situations (both with your phone charge and your immediate surroundings), it’s worth having the Flash Magicstick around.

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Flash Magicstick battery charger review

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Provides: Portable battery charge and flashlight functionality
Developer: Powerocks USA
Minimum Requirements: iPhone, iPad, iPod, and other USB chargeable devices
Price: $49.99
Availability: Now

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  • Delores Brozek

    I own several of these portable chargers. They are remarkable in any use. Emergency especially. Everyone of them are one of the greatest products. I rate it 5 star. Buy them put them in your glove compartment. Keep plenty for spares.