diffr3nt sleeve for MacBook Pro review

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Once you open the shiny plastic shipping sleeve for the diffr3nt sleeve for MacBook, you have a not quite as shiny canvas sleeve. This one is not to go with your modular coat/vest, it’s for your iPad or Macbook. The version on my desk for review today is 13” x 10” which makes a nice fit for a 13” Macbook Pro. The outer shell is made of a fine weave canvas—a little texture but not too rough.  The inside is a soft lining of sueded material so you don’t have to worry about any scuffs or scratches marring the finish of your device.

diffr3nt sleeve

The closure is a band of elastic 1” wide and running the length of the sleeve. Insert your device and flip the band to the other side of the case, and presto—all strapped in. To keep things visually interesting, diffr3nt uses a contrasting color for the elastic, and to good effect.

The sleeve is currently advertized in two colors: midnight black with a red elastic band, or teal blue with a white elastic band. Take your pick, they both look nice. The sleeve comes in sizes for the following devices:  iPad (1,2,3 and air), iPad Mini (and Mini Retina), MacBook Pro (13 and 15), and Dell Venue Pro 8 (but we don’t like those guys so we’ll keep talking about Mac stuff – neener neener).

The sleeve offers a handy means to sheath your device to prevent scratches during transport and to keep it clean when it’s sitting about for a while. The materials are good and the aesthetic simple, but appealing. For those who care, this is made in USA (“handcrafted in CT” to be exact) so hooray for helping the local economy.

On the downside, the closure (elastic band) will prevent an accidental dump of your device, but I would feel better if it were a bit sturdier. I don’t know yet how well the elasticity will hold up over the long haul, but it should be okay as there is no significant stretching when in normal use; I just like the extra security when carrying around several hundred dollars of hardware.

The only other problem may be the sleeve won’t offer the greatest protection against impacts, but it isn’t really designed for that purpose, so no biggie there.

If you are looking for a simple slip case for your MacBook, this is a nice option. At $40.00, it may seem a bit much for a fabric rectangle, but it does its job while helping some folks in Connecticut do theirs, so I’m cool with it. The sleeve provides all the protection you need for carrying by hand or stuffing into a backpack. And besides, the black with red band version does look rather nice.

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diffr3nt sleeve for MacBook Pro review

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Provides: Basic scuff/scratch protection for laptops
Developer: diffr3nt
Minimum Requirements: MacBook Pro (also available for MacBook Air and iPad)
Price: $40.00
Availability: Now

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