Hands on with the UNIBAT 6″ Braided Nylon Lightning Cable

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Apple’s Lightning cables come out of the box looking beautiful, but have a habit of devolving into frayed messes. The UNIBAT 6″ Braided Nylon Lightning cable may be short, but it’s tough and packs a number of great features. Most importantly, it’s certified as part of Apple’s MFi program, so you can be sure it’ll be compatible with your future iDevice hardware and iOS software. UNIBAT had a booth at this year’s Macworld / iWorld expo, where we got a chance to see and try out their Lightning cable first hand.

Plug It In

While there’s something to be said for the utility of longer cables, like reaching a USB port tucked away behind a computer, the reality is most Mac users plug their iPhones, iPads, or iPods into one of Apple’s laptops. The USB ports are mere inches from the devices, so a long cable is actually a hindrance as it clutters up your desk. UNIBAT’s cable is only six inches, so you don’t have to find something to do with leftover cord.

UNIBAT Braided Nylon Lightning cable

More importantly, it’s made of silver anodized aluminum, so it’s a perfect aesthetic match for the current MacBook lineup.

Tough It Out

Apple’s devices are made to be portable, but unfortunately their cables just don’t seem to stand up well to life on the road. The UNIBAT cable, however, is happy to be tied in knots, scrunched up in a pocket, or even crammed in the bottom of a bag without complaints.The cable itself is sheathed in braided nylon that’s tough, but flexible, so you can easily bend the cable without damaging it. The connectors for the USB and Lightning ends also feature heavy duty strain relief in the form of plastic guides which protect the fragile connection point between the cable and the connectors. This prevents fraying when you bend, fold, or otherwise manhandle the cable, and that means fewer cables to buy over the life of your iDevice.

UNIBAT Braided Nylon Lightning cable

You can pick up one of UNIBAT’s Lightning cables at their website. While you’re there, check out their line of portable batteries, which were also on display at the company’s Macworld booth, if your iDevices need extra juice.

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