Indiegogo Find: The Gymwatch wearable fitness sensor

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I’m not even sure where to begin when describing the Gymwatch, because it does so much. Unlike most fitness trackers which provide simple functions like heart rate tracking and step counting, the Gymwatch is basically a personal trainer shrunk to the size of a watch. It can track and coach your strength training, functional training, and cardio workouts via a companion app on iPhone or Android devices, or a trainer can use it to design workout programs and monitor multiple clients at the same time. If you find yourself on the verge of giving up your 2014 resolution to get back in shape, the Gymwatch could be exactly what you need to get motivated.


Pump Some Iron

If you’re a math nerd, you’ll love the detailed explanations of force calculation that the Gymwatch uses to calculate your workout information. If phrases like “inverse dynamics” make your brain hurt, there’s good news, too; the Gymwatch is designed to be easy to use. You can choose two modes of operation from your Gymwatch: Free-Mode (where it simply measures your exertion during your workout activities) and Guided-Mode (which turns your smartphone into a personal trainer).


In Free-Mode, your Gymwatch is simply measuring the data, so you can upload it and track what you do during your workout. Guided-Mode is more interesting, because it pairs the Gymwatch’s data with a companion app on your smartphone. The app can act as a personal trainer that monitors data from the Gymwatch, so it can personalize a workout, keep counts for you, and even correct you when you’re doing an exercise incorrectly (based on measures of your movement). Guided-mode can provide audio and video feedback during your workout, either via headphones or through a hookup to a computer monitor or television. The videos on the Indiegogo page do a great job of showing the coaching features.

Management Position

The Gymwatch’s personal training features require a template for exercises; you can choose from several built-in templates or work with a trainer to develop your own. These templates can be for strength training, weight lifting, cardio, or your own combination workouts. There’s a Gymwatch web portal where you and your trainer can manage your workout regimen, and the portal interfaces with the Gymwatch to transfer your workout schedules. From there, your smartphone can coach you with audio by counting sets, reps, or giving you warnings if you’re not doing the exercises correctly.

Gymwatch can help you get the results of a personal trainer without being chained to a particular gym—work with your trainer to design a workout regimen, then take your Gymwatch wherever you go and keep your trainer updated through the portal. To that end, there’s an exhaustive list of measurements the Gymwatch can capture and track. Some are obvious, like number of reps, but some are more esoteric like speed strength, starting strength, and explosive strength. There’s some seriously heavy math going on behind the scenes, but if you’re serious about fitness the Gymwatch can make it much easier to measure and track your workout data.


Be sure to watch the entire campaign video; apart from featuring some cool German accents, it’s packed with awesome details and even some laugh-out-loud funny moments. Germans aren’t known for their humor (like, say, the British), but this team’s pretty solid on both engineering and comedy! You can also get details about the math behind the measurements and other uses for the Gymwatch that can help you improve your fitness.

Pledge Levels

There are currently two individual pledge levels available for the Gymwatch: $139 gets you one sensor, while $249 gets you two. Shipping is not included, so if you’re in Germany you’ll need to add $10; anywhere else and you’ll need to add $20.


Head over to the Gymwatch Indiegogo page for full details, and back the sensor that can help lead to a buffer you!

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