Review: Password Only app for managing your passwords

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Password Only provides a secure way to store all of the account information, passwords, and electronic IDs we use in our digital lives. The bonus is that it also provides a way to pass the information on to a trusted person if the need arises.

Password OnlyThe app is basically a sophisticated list of all the things to which you attach your identity. The list can store all of your accounts, credit card numbers, e-mail addresses, etc. and their corresponding passwords inside an app which requires, you guessed it, a password to open. This particular app boasts AES-256 encryption technology, and your information is encrypted before it gets to the BlueSprig servers, so you are the only one who can see the unencrypted information.

By the way, this app sports a little “gotcha” feature; if someone tries to illicitly access your information and fails the password entry three times, the app will access your camera and take a picture of the would-be, um, intruder (that’s the nicest word I could think of).

To start using Password Only, you will need to think up a really good password. Check out some articles on how to create strong and memorable passwords, it’s not as bad as it sounds. I started typing to see how many characters I could use, but I gave up after I got to about 50. In other words, you can create an incredibly strong password.

Once inside, just tap the menu option to create new entries in the desired category. The app even has a little die icon in the password field you can tap to have the app create a random character password for you (and remember it, as well). There is also a little crescent moon looking icon next to the password field  which toggles between dots and the actual text of the password.

Password Only

The most unique features of Password Only is Property Protection, which is a bit morbid but quite useful. You can set a time limit where if you do not use the app for six months (other periods available) Password Only will send your information to a trusted person (next of kin, best friend, etc) so he or she can access all of your accounts and take care of things.

Password Only is currently a free app, and given what it can do for you it’s very much worth the download. If you can remember one password you can access everything of which you need to keep track, plus the added feature of survivability. Full marks for the app.

Oddly, the developer website doesn’t seem to feature this product. With something as important as password information, it’s understandable if the lack of software details and policy explanations would give you pause. We can’t dock the app rating for that, but we can recommend you look elsewhere if that makes you uncomfortable. Also, obviously (and thankfully) we were unable to test the Property Protection feature. 

But based on interface and functionality, we absolutely feel that Password Only is worth a look, especially considering recent events with the recent Heartbleed bug. Password apps are not only handy for securely storing all your passwords in one place, but for reminding you of what needs to be changed, too.

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Password Only review
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Provides: Password management and retrieval
Developer: BlueSprig
Requirements: iOS 6.0 or later
Compatibility: iPhone and iPod touch
Age Rating: 4+
Price: Free
Availability: Now

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  • Vivy

    This is what I really need! Thanks a lot!

  • Moe Chrusch

    Using Password Only App
    Unable to sync due to Server error.. For 5 weeks
    Unable to get tech support from BlueSprig