Apple and Google reportedly competing for exclusive games

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The battle for mobile dominance between Apple and Google is spreading to their most lucrative business—gaming apps. The Wall Street Journal reported that the two Silicon-based companies are vying for the exclusive games to arrive first in their respective mobile platforms by attracting the developers with promotional privileges.

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An example is the top-tier game Cut the Rope 2, which was reported to have an exclusive agreement with Apple.

ZeptoLab’s sequel to its popular puzzle game “Cut the Rope”, introduced in December reflected a similar pattern. The company and Apple agreed to about a three-month window of exclusivity for Apple’s App Store, in exchange for the store prominently promoting the game, one person familiar with the matter said. ZeptoLab launched an Android version in late March.

Aside from ZeptoLab, the report also mentioned a purported exclusive agreement between Apple and EA games, publisher of the popular games Plants vs. Zombies—a two-month advance release of the Plants vs. Zombies 2 was all set for iOS before launching it in Android.

However, Apple and Google denied the claims. The Wall Street Journal report also cited that Apple doesn’t offer money, but instead provide marketing and promotional assistance, such as Plants vs. Zombies 2 being featured on the official App Store Facebook fan page and store home page when it was released.

With mobile game apps reaching $16B in spending, it’s not surprising the two giants would get into a turf war to claim market share. What do you think?

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