Isolani is a sci-fi shooter for iPhone and iPad

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Isolani is a sci-fi first-person shooter where you are one of the last remaining human survivors in a war-torn world plagued by robotic rule. Armed with powerful weapons, you’ll shoot your way to safety and rescue what’s left of humankind.

“With Isolani, we set out to deliver an unforgettable mobile experience for fans of hardcore shooters that combines an immersive, action-laden story with a simple, yet sophisticated touch control scheme,” said David Simard, producer at DeNA. “Loaded with suspense, cliffhangers, and twists, Isolani takes the player on a journey that demands their undivided attention.”

Isolani features:

  • Incredible Visuals – Isolani pushes your device to its limits with some of the most advanced visuals ever seen on mobile.
  • Free Episodic Experience – See what happens next in the story, collect new weapons, and enter new competitions—all for free.
  • Handcrafted Original IP and Story – Isolani’s dramatic story—full of mystery, action and surprises—will keep you on the edge of your seat.
  • Simple, yet Deep Controls – Isolani’s touchscreen controls are tightly tuned and instantly familiar to core gamers, you’ll never miss a shot.
  • Global and local competition – Compete with your friends in a race to finish each episode first, or go head-to-head with friends or strangers in highly closely fought local and global speed run leaderboards.

Isolani is available for free (with in-app purchases) at the App Store, and is compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

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