Review: Hider 2 data encryption for OS X

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MacPaw is as interested in digital security as you are, and they have developed a handy app to prove it. Hider 2 allows you to encrypt and render non-viewable any file you want to hide on your Mac. Just to be clear, yes, there are things you cannot hide with this app, such as other apps or file folders in your root directory. Otherwise, the folders on your Mac can be dropped into the hider app to protect everything within the folder.

Hider 2

If you only want to hide a few files, all you have to do is select the files then drag and drop into Hider 2. Once there, all of the protected files are encrypted with an AES 256 cipher. While working in Hider 2, you can create multiple Vaults which work a bit like a directory or file folder. Feel free to add tags, as well; the App is compatible with the standard Mac tags, so no need to worry about your settings. You even get a secure notes feature so you can create messages to yourself (notes, password lists, etc.) and keep them encrypted with the rest of the information in Hider 2.

Hider 2

Hider 2 also allows you to sort and group items by Date Added, Name, Path, Size, etc., so you have good flexibility on organizing and viewing your information, which can make things much easier when you need to find that one thing you need right now. If this isn’t enough to help you find things, the app includes a Mac style standard search function.

As you peruse your files in Hider 2, there is a very simple slider switch to mark an item as either Visible or Hidden. The pulldown menu at the bottom right gives you mass update capability to Unhide All, Hide/Unhide Selected, and Remove Selected Items—the last option takes the file out of Hider 2 and puts it back in the file from which it came.

Hider 2

One other bit-of-handy this app dishes out is an icon on the task bar at the top of the screen for quick access. You can also use the shortcut to hide/unhide items in Hider 2. Just to be sure all your files are set where you want them, the app has a default setting to ask if you want to hide all files in Hider 2 when you close the app. A handy feature, this, especially for those of us who face several distractions during a normal working day.

Hider 2 benefits:

These are obvious—you can encrypt and protect all sorts of information you wish to keep from the prying eyes of those who have no business looking at your stuff. The interface is easy to use and understand, and the app lets you categorize, tag, and sort things in a way which works for you. While the encryption process is going on, the app knows to revert to the last safe state if anything goes wrong (power outage, etc.), so no lost data.

Hider 2 drawbacks:

I didn’t really find anything which might be a drawback, but there is one thing only the user can control that might lead to an unhappy moment; whatever you do, do not forget your password. This app is a serious encryption solution for data protection. If you forget your password you can also forget ever getting the information out of Hider 2. After all, this is the purpose of the app, you have been warned.

Hider 2 summary:

If you have a need or even a desire to protect your info, Hider 2 is a very good option at $19.99. The interface looks nice and clean, and it’s easy to use. Everything works like it should, and your stuff will be as secure as it can get.

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Hider 2 review
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Provides: AES-256 data encryption
Developer: MacPaw
Minimum System Requirements: OS X v10.8, 64-bit processor
Price: $19.99
Availability: Now

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