Review: zNitro Glass Privacy for iPhone 5/5s

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It’s time to open another box of goodies. This time it’s the zNitro Glass Privacy tempered glass iPhone screen protector, which grants a measure of “mind your own business” to those who like to peek at other peoples’ phones.

The contents of the box include a wet wipe to clean your screen, a dry wipe to dry the screen, a screen protector, and a home button cover.

zNitro Glass Privacy

Regarding installation, the kit includes material to clean your screen so you don’t end up with bad adhesion, spots, or cat hair under your screen protector. There are the standard tabs on the glass to help you position the screen protector before making contact, so lining it up is not difficult. One tip to help get the best alignment for your home button cover is to put it on first because once the screen guard is on you don’t have much room to work with.

Let’s talk performance. Once the guard was mounted, there was only a slight decrease in the brightness of the screen. The surface works well with tap and swipe and lets your finger move over the surface as readily as the iPhone screen. The privacy aspect is not perfect, but it is good.

Following are some images of my phone at different angles.

zNitro Glass Privacy

Head On

zNitro Glass Privacy

About 25°

zNitro Glass Privacy

About 45°

The head-on view is clear and clean. At about 25°, there is some dimming and a bit of blurring, which should keep the Nosy Rosie types from reading your text. At about 45°, the screen is almost completely dark. There is one catch to this performance, and that is the ambient light level. In a dark room, the view from 25° and 45° is diminished, but since the phone is a light source, you can still see almost everything.

The ups:

The zNitro Glass Privacy is a hard and tough screen protector. The company has even posted a hammer test video to demonstrate the unit’s strength. You do get a good degree of privacy from the sidelong peepers, and the touch responsiveness is pretty good.

The downs:

As mentioned, in the dark the screen is still a light source so almost everything is visible from almost all angles (however, if you are in a darkened room with someone you would rather not having reading your messages, you may have bigger worries). The touch responsiveness is good, but not quite perfect. I noticed some hesitation when using the backspace button and the shift button; these needed a bit more than the quick tap to register, but it wasn’t too bad.

The only serious downer is for iPhone 5s users—no more using your fingerprint reader. Even if you don’t apply the home button cover, the fit is not conducive to getting a good read. The fit is also a concern in relation to some iPhone cases used in conjunction with the Privacy. I used a couple of slide on cases; one worked fine, the other popped the screen protector off neatly and quickly, so check the measurements to make sure you get a good fit with your case (actual measurements are 120 mm x 55 mm x 1 mm).

To sum up:

At $49.99 the zNitro Privacy is a bit expensive, but if it keeps your iPhone screen from breaking, it’s worth every penny.  The privacy aspect is not perfect, but is good for most common use. The screen dimming is minimal and you need to check the fit, but it’ll protect your investment.

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zNitro Glass Privacy review

Buy the zNitro Glass Privacy for iPhone 5/5s

Provides: Glass screen protection and privacy
Developer: zNitro
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 5/5s (models available for other devices)
Price: $49.95
Availability: April 30, 2014

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  • Jeremy

    I disagree on a few of the downs. I have the product and it still works perfectly with my fingerprint reader for the 5s. Besides that great review! I love my nitro glass and I’m a big fan of your guys work.