Review: id America Wall St. leather case occupies your iPhone 5c

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Wall St. iPhone 5c case

I get what id America was going for with their Wall St. leather case for the iPhone 5c, but I don’t think they got there. As you’d expect from id America, they’ve used quality leather that’s nicely stitched, but I don’t entirely like the fit, and the case almost completely covers your phone, which defeats the purpose of the iPhone 5c design.

We’ll start with the fit. Your iPhone slides in through the top and is held in place from pressure around the edges. Up top, a leather flap can be tucked in behind the phone to hold it in place, but I doubt your phone is at risk of sliding out of the case without it. Leather straps cross the bottom to prevent it from sliding through, but they stretch across the speakers and microphone.

id America Wall St. iPhone 5c case

The hard frame rises up above the screen, which is good for protection, but you’ll be bumping your fingers and thumbs against it when typing, playing games, or even just hitting the home button.

Things get more interesting on the reinforced back plate. The camera opening looks pretty small, but it didn’t affect photo quality. There’s also a slot for a credit card or ID, with a thin piece of suede separating it from your phone. The slot is quite tight, but a thumb hole allows you to easily push the card back out. idAmerica claims you can fit three cards in there, but you’ll need to wait for the leather to soften before you can do that without force.

id America Wall St. iPhone 5c case

The Wall St. leather case is available black, brown, blue, orange, red and white. Notice something there? They don’t really match or complement your iPhone 5c’s natural color. That’s not a huge issue, considering the case pretty much takes over the design of the phone anyway. In fact, it may be a plus if you decided maybe you’ve grown tired of that particular shade of pink or yellow.

Still, although you get quality leather with the Wall St. case for iPhone 5c, there are elegant cases out there that provide a better design and match. And with the 5c, are you really going for elegance, anyway?

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Buy the id America Wall St. leather case for iPhone 5c

Provides: Scuff/scratch and basic drop protection
Developer: id America
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 5c (also available for iPhone 5/5s)
Price: $24.99
Availability: Now

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