Review: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 mobile game is as the name implies

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Just in time for the release of The Amazing Spider-man 2 in theaters next week, Gameloft has launched the mobile tie-in game.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

According to Gameloft, the game expands on the storyline of the movie, so there will be characters in the game that are not included in the movie, such as the Black Cat and Screwball.

Like the previous Amazing Spider-Man game, The Amazing Spider-man 2 puts you in control of your friendly neighborhood hero as he swings, climbs, and web shoots all over the metro. His tasks, of course, are to stop criminals from committing further crimes and to stop a city-wide gang war. Take note that aside from playing through the storyline, you must also fight random battles and challenges given by major enemies. The random battles needed to finish the storyline are evenly spread  throughout the game; you must play through some random battles to advance.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The game is loaded with tons of features as well. You can unlock various Spider-man suits such as Symbiote Spider-Man and Iron Spider-Man, you can also face-off against popular Spider-man villains such as Venom, the Green Goblin, Electro and Kraven the Hunter, and there are cinematic cutscenes from the movie to get you geared up for its May 2nd release.

When it comes to gameplay, well, it’s pretty much the same as the first Amazing Spider-Man game. This means you should expect non-stop combo-focused, acrobatic combat. For the web-slinging junkies, you’ll still be able to explore the game’s six detailed stricts by swinging from one building to another, executed nicely via fluid animations.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Gameloft boasts of the app’s console-like graphics (I’ll leave that up to you) and social event aspects, such as battles with bosses and opponents in the Mysterio’s Arena.

Overall, the Amazing Spider-Man 2 iOS game is pretty much what you’d expect from a movie-tie-in game from Gameloft—all-out fun. And with the main character being Spidey, expect witty in-game dialogue throughout.

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Category: Games
Seller: Gameloft
Requirements: iOS 7.0 or later
Compatibility: iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
File Size: 689MB
Version Reviewed:  1.0.0
Price: $4.99 (with in-app purchases)
Age Rating: 12+

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