Best Free Apps for May 2, 2014

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screen568x568-5With the best free apps this week, you’ll find yourself being more productive (or not). Google just released two free office apps for your working pleasure. Google Docs is exactly what you expect it to be, a mobile version of their web app for editing documents, but the added bonus is that you don’t need to have an active Internet connection to use it; you can create documents on your iPhone or edit documents that originated elsewhere. Google Sheets is the same idea for spreadsheets. And while it’s not out yet, Google plans to add Slides to the mix soon. If office applications don’t get you excited, then perhaps you’ll enjoy a new game instead. Dwarven Den is a little person’s quest to save the other dwarves trapped in vast underground mines by collecting ore, solving puzzles, and avoiding monsters.

The Best Free Apps:

  • Google Sheets – Now you can create and edit spreadsheets anytime with this app from Google. I know what you’re thinking; “It probably needs an Internet connection to work.” It does not. It does hook up to Google’s online apps, but can create its own spreadsheets on the go, even without Internet. You can format cells, enter and sort data, use functions, and much more. Plus, you never need to worry about saving your work because everything is automatically saved as you type.
  • Google Docs – Just like Google Sheets, you can now create and edit documents anytime, anywhere, no Internet connection required. Your work is saved as you type and you can even add and respond to comments when collaborating on a document with someone else.
  • Dwarven Den – You play a jolly, little person on an epic quest to save the other dwarves trapped in vast underground mines. Dig deeper through ancient civilizations and solve puzzles along the way. Mine ruins for loot, collect ore to forge better tools, and watch out for monsters. Can you dig it?

The Other Free Apps (some for a limited time):

  • Infuse 2 – The latest update to this media app allows it to connect with apps like Plex, XBMC, WMC, PS3 Media Server, and others to browse, stream, and download movies and TV shows right on your iPhone or iPad. There are also new gesture controls, continuous playback, and many more tweaks.
  • Landscaper’s Companion – This is the #1 reference guid to all plants, including trees, shrubs, annuals, and perennials. It has the dirt on over 26,000 plants in 17 categories.
  • Landscaper’s Companion for iPad – The same, for iPad.
  • Calendate – Is just not doing it for you? This app can be customized with icons and themes. It even has a weather forecast and the ability to connect to Facebook for birthdays, add public holidays, and even publish an event to Facebook.
  • FiLMiC Pro – Turn your mobile device into a broadcast worthy HD video camera with the help of this app. It gives you real time, 4x zoom and full control over focus and exposure, white balance, frame rates, and a host of motion fx. But there’s so much more available in this app. You’ll just have to download it and try it out.
  • DocScanner Pro – I really think that everyone should have an app on their phone that can take pictures and combine them into a PDF like a scanner. Until that’s built in to the OS, you can download this app that does what I described and more.
  • Jenga – This tower non-toppling game is once again free. It features real-time 3D physics simulation so each block is realistically affected by its surrounding blocks. But the best feature is still that you don’t have to clean up the blocks or build the tower.
  • Jenga HD – The same, for iPad.
  • Zombie Gunship Arcade – What do you call an April Fool’s joke that later on turns out to not be a joke? Well, as a result of an incident with a soft-serve ice cream machine, mail-order night vision goggles, and an intern on April 1st, Limbic lost all the original code and artwork for Zombie Gunship. This game is the best they could do to get things back up and running. This game has only one gun, only the side view, cool buildings, stuff, and iOS game controller support. Also, it’s really hard.
  • Ridge Racer Slipstream – The ultimate arcade racing franchise brings the console experience to your iOS device. Slipstream past your rivals and drift around tight turns at over 150 MPG. There are 12 powerful machines to choose from with hundreds of customization possibilities to make them your own. There’s a full career mode, arcade mode, and multiplayer. And with 10 venues, 20 courses, and over 100 racing competitions across 6 Grand Prix Series, you’ll be busy for quite some time.
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