It’s not just a new iPhone 5 case, it’s the Logitech case+

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Logitech case+

As important as iPhone cases are, they can be limiting. Depending on the one you buy, that speaker dock, windshield mount, or camera lens may not fit. If this is something that bugs you, too, you may want to check out the Logitech case+ accessory system. Sold as a collection, the case+ includes an array of practical yet beautiful add-ons that enhance the functionality of your iPhone 5/5s.

The magnetically mounted additions to the case+ include the Logitech® +tilt, a kickstand and cord keeper, the Logitech® +energy, which is designed to double your phone’s battery life, the Logitech® +drive, which is a mount for a car window or dashboard, and the Logitech® +wallet, which lets you bring your cards and cash along when you’re on the go. Collectively, the new solutions give you sleek protection and a host of new features.

The Logitech case+ has been selected as a Gold 2014 Edison Award winner, recognized for creative design and innovation. It’s odd that it took this long for such innovation to arrive, but I’m certainly glad it’s here.

Logitech case+

The new accessories include:

  • case+: Protective case that protects your phone from drops and side impacts, with a real metal back giving it an industrial verve.
  • +drive: Add on to case+ that allows you to mount your iPhone with a single touch on your car windshield or dashboard, so you can keep your eyes on the road.
  • +wallet: Another add on to case+ that connects to the back of your case+ and pairs your iPhone and your daily essentials together as one, making you feel instantly lighter. It features Magnashield technology to protect your cards.
  • +energy: A battery boost that doubles your iPhone’s battery life.
  • +tilt: Attaches to your case+ and lets you attach your smartphone to any metal surface – from your fridge to a file cabinet – so you can follow a new recipe or video chat with colleagues, hands free. It includes a kickstand, earbud wrap and magnetic mounting, so you can get more from your phone.

The Logitech case+ collection is expected to be available this month for $199.99.

Logitech case+

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