Review: Pocket Tripod stand for iPhone 5/5s

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It’s part objet d’art, part iPhone accessory, and all around usefully fun. The Pocket Tripod pulls double duty as both a wicked good iPhone stand and small bit of modern art sculpture/desk toy, giving you the freedom to shoot, chat, or watch videos hands-free at virtually any angle. It’s just the right size and shape to store in a wallet, but provides an on-demand stand for your iPhone that grants you the freedom to prop your iPhone on a variety of surfaces and at differing angles, so it works equally well in landscape or portrait orientation.

Pocket Tripod

Spin It

At the heart of the Pocket Tripod are two spinning joints. The first connects the two halves of the tripod itself, which let you convert the device from a double-credit-card-thick slab into something vaguely Star Destroyer-esque:

Pocket Tripod

From there you flip up the two outer corners, then seat your iPhone into the Tripod’s pivoting holders, which slide smoothly but stay firmly in any position in which you place them. This gives you the freedom to position your iPhone so it’s facing at the perfect angle, whether you’re trying to shoot a photo, take a FaceTime call, or just want to keep your iPhone standing at attention on your desk. At the right range of angles it’s even possible to plug your iPhone in; the upturned edges of the Pocket Tripod make a handy cable guide, and the angle is perfect for checking emails or Facebook at a glance with your phone on your desk. The Tripod’s hold on your phone is very tight, so it provides stable support that can stand up to tapping and swiping. When you’re done, you simply rotate it back into its card form and take it on the road.

Do the Splits

The Pocket Tripod’s basic form provides a reliable stand to hold your iPhone in portrait orientation, but if you rotate your iPhone 90º the tripod’s holders cover part of the screen. That’s not a problem, though, as you can simply turn the tripod one-half turn and pull it apart into two halves. Each half of the tripod can then be attached to either end of your iPhone where the plastic covers the iPhone’s bezel but not the screen, giving you a perfect holder for movie watching or web surfing.

Pocket Tripod

This rotating twist and lock design combined with the winglike folding arms of the Pocket Tripod contributed to its second (and my favorite) function after being an awesome iPhone holder—it’s also a fun piece of desk art. I like to keep my hands busy when I’m thinking, whether it’s with a ball of Play-doh or a Jacob’s ladder. With a little imagination, the Pocket Tripod morphs into anything from a paper airplane to a starship to a really odd looking bit of existential post modern sculpture.

The one drawback of the Pocket Tripod, at least in its current form, is the fact that it only accommodates the iPhone 5/5s without a case or screen protector. I met the Pocket Tripod team at this year’s Macworld / iWorld Expo, and they assured me they’re hard at work on adapters to accommodate iPhones with cases or screens. Due to the wide variety of both, the fit may not be as snug since you’ll have to get an approximate fit. The holder arms of the Tripod actually rotate all the way out, and you can simply slide in new, different-sized holders to accommodate different cases (or, possibly, other iPhone models like the 5C).

The Pocket Tripod is available directly from Pocket Tripod’s online store, and as a former Kickstarter project it’s also available from the fine folks over at BiteMyApple. You can even play around with a virtual demo of the tripod for free by downloading the Pocket Tripod app.

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Provides: Portrait- or landscape-oriented iPhone 5/5s stand (an iPhone 4/4S version is also available)
Developer: Geometrical, Inc.
Price: $26
Availability: Now

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