LEGO Marvel Super Heroes avenge Mac gamers on May 8th

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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

Because there’s never been a comic book franchise that won’t work in LEGO form (except, perhaps, for Vampirella), Feral Interactive has announced that LEGO Marvel Super Heroes will be released for the Mac on Thursday, May 8th.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes features more than 100 Marvel characters, which is news to me; I didn’t know there were more than 100 characters in all of comics, let alone in just Marvel. Players will get Spider-Man, Captain America, the Hulk, and those other ones that that aren’t Spider-Man, Captain America or the Hulk. And as you’d expect from a LEGO game, a lot of the fun will come from swapping out the characters to use their unique abilities to solve puzzles and engage in family-friendly brick-based combat.

In LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, gamers will:

  • Discover a Marvel Universe built of LEGO, starring a minifigure cast and block-based recreations of famed locations.
  • Sling webs as Spider-Man, shrink down as Ant-Man, change shape as Mister Fantastic and master the incredible powers of over 100 other Marvel characters!
  • Fly, swing and skydive through an open world filled with sidequests, minigames and secrets to find.
  • Commandeer a fleet of vehicles including jets, tanks and Ghost Rider’s flaming motorcycle.
  • Defeat an army of enemies in fierce brawls and epic boss fights.
  • Deliver powerful combo moves and leave a path of destruction as super-strong Big Fig characters like the Hulk and Abomination.
  • Create your own Super Hero and customize abilities, weapons and costumes with a dizzying number of options.
  • Join forces with a friend and double-team your foes with drop-in/drop-out local co-op.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes will be available through Steam, the Mac App Store, the Feral online store, as well as other third-party sites, but pay attention, because your purchase options will vary.

  • Steam – Base game only for $19.99, with three DLC packs available separately.
  • Feral online store and other third parties – Base game for $19.99 with DLC content available through Steam.
  • Mac App Store – Base game bundled with the Super and Asgard DLC packs for $29.99.

For more information, including system requirements, visit

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