Strike it rich in the 1849 California gold rush

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18491849—available for iOS, Android, OS X and Windows—is a city management game set during the California gold rush, and is reminiscent of classics suc h asSimCity and Caesar III. Your task is to build towns, populate them with workers, and make sure those workers are housed, fed, and entertained. You’ll have to manage and coordinate extensive production and trade networks to make sure your towns thrive.

Should Sacramento be a mining town, a farming community, or a hub for trade? Will the pioneers flocking into Monterey become productive prospectors or devolve into unruly drunks at the local saloon? That’s your call!

“Over the last few years casual city management games have gained popularity, but they’re nothing like the in-depth simulation games that defined the genre back in the day. Those were games I could lose myself in for hours, building a massive empire out of nothing. We’ve tried to bring back this gameplay and experience in 1849,” said developer Robert Zubek. “It’s a game tuned for today’s technology and players—the scenarios are designed so you can play for a few minutes on the bus if that’s all the time you have, or spend hours building a huge bustling city. At its heart 1849 is a classic city management game with all the bells and whistles that make this genre so much fun.”

1849 features:

  • A campaign mode that traces the development of the Gold Rush from mining camps to bustling cities. Each city scenario presents players with unique starting conditions, victory goals, and obstacle events.
  • Sandbox mode with a procedurally-generated map for your location, based on geography (from the Pacific coast to the Sierra Nevada mountains), precipitation, resource availability, and starting lot size.
  • Vivid old west towns with buildings lining the streets directly inspired by California’s Gold Country.
  • Over 50 resources that players can dig up, farm, refine or manufacture as they build complex towns and cities.
  • Developed by SomaSim, a new studio dedicated to producing deep simulation games for today’s players

1849 is available on the App Store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android for $4.99. You can also get 1849 for OS X and Windows from Steam, GOG, IndieGameStand, GamersGate, and SomaSim’s website for $14.99. Until May 15th save 15% on the OS X and Windows version and pay only $12.74. a savings of $2.25.

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