Appidemic: play2prep – ACT + SAT prep game for iOS

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How can we make the ACT or the SAT fun? We can’t? Well, at least we have this handy game-like prep tool for students who need to get ready for these tests.

What is it?


The play2prep app provides a standalone or social challenge aspect to preparing to take the ACT or SAT. Play on your own and answer questions while trying to beat the clock. If you like, you can play against friends or others from the online community (best of three wins the round).

The questions are of the type you will likely see on the ACT/SAT, so you may actually help yourself out with this mini review.

How does it work?

The game is all tap to select. There are even some power-ups to help you along, like extended time and elimination of one incorrect answer (you won’t get these on the real ACT/SAT so don’t get too accustomed to them).

The game is clean and functional looking, while still being more interesting than the paper of the actual tests. When you answer a question correctly you gain experience points and game points. If you answer incorrectly you still gain experience.

Is it contagious?


If you are about to take either the SAT or ACT, this app can be a more fun way to actually study and prepare for the test. Getting used to the question format and the time management aspect will help. Being able to play with/against your friends adds a little competition. Overall, not a bad app.

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