Rumor: iPhone 6 screen resolution to be 50% higher

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iPhone 6 screen resolution to be 50% higherThe iPhone 6 will reportedly be coming out with a 50% higher resolution screen at 1,704 x 960 pixels. According to a report, the display will force developers and Apple itself to make significant changes to the way apps and other pieces of pre-installed software are run on the handset. Developers in particular will have to update their applications so that they look fine on the higher resolution display, which is also expected to be larger than the iPhone 5s at 4.7-inches.

An increase in pixel count was expected to be one of the things different about the iPhone 6, since Apple could not easily stay with the same 1,136 x 640 resolution if it is also increasing the phone’s screen size. 

As 9to5Mac points out, when the first Apple iPhone was introduced in 2007, the display was just 320 x 480. Now, seven years later, the display resolution is expected to be many times greater than that while only being 1.2-inches larger.

Previous reports had suggested Apple would simply stretch the display rather than increase the resolution, yet this doesn’t sound like something Apple would do. Not only would it decrease the quality of the display, it would put Apple in a position where its pixel density would be significantly lower than other high-end smartphones. So, an increase in resolution makes more sense.

Via [9to5Mac]

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