Griffin unveils wired keyboard for iOS devices – yes, wired

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I’m a longtime fan of wired input devices. My resolve has wavered a bit over the past few years due to the excellence of Logitech’s K-750 series Wireless Solar Keyboards, which I now use by preference with my Macs. They’re still the exception that proves the rule, as they say, and I persevere with hard-wired mice.

I’m particularly unpartial to Bluetooth with its pairing hassles (the K-750s use an RF interface and a USB receiver dongle), but for the past 3-1/2 years, Bluetooth keyboards have been the only external input devices supported on the iPad and other iOS machines.

Griffin Technology is an innovative Nashville, TN based developer of often somewhat out of the mainstream Apple product accessories. The company was founded on Paul Griffin’s kitchen table in 1992, and Griffin products are still conceived, designed and developed in-house, and continue to push the envelope of the industry the company helped create.

To wit: Griffin has just introduced the Griffin Wired Keyboard for iOS devices.


The Griffin Wired Keyboard is available in 30-pin or Lightning connector versions. Users simply connect the keyboard to their iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, and immediately their devices get full-featured keyboard support. Alas, still no mouse. Perhaps someone in Griffin’s product development skunk works is listening…

I digress.


“Our Wired Keyboard is an easy plug and play solution that we designed for use in classrooms as a convenient option for students and teachers,” says Erin Wiles, Education B2B Business Development honcho at Griffin Technology. “Additionally, with the advent of digital standardized testing, school districts are implementing rules for devices that require the use of an external keyboard not connected by Bluetooth. Our Wired Keyboard ensures that iPad tablets will meet SBAC and PARCC testing requirements.”

Created specifically with school environments in mind (but still cool for those of us who just like wired input), the Griffin Wired Keyboard helps instructors avoid challenges that inevitably occur when pairing several iPads with several Bluetooth keyboards. Since there is never a need to change batteries, recharge the keyboard or go through a Bluetooth pairing process, teachers can focus on lessons rather than spending time troubleshooting connection issues.


The generous one-meter cord allows users enough length to set up their workspaces comfortably and provides the security of a direct-wired connection.

I want one.

Griffin’s Wired Keyboard sells for $59.99, comes with a three-year warranty, and is available at There, you can also learn more about their education products.

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