Apple-Beats deal is “70% sure” to happen

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Apple fans and audiophiles have been anticipating the official announcement, but all we have are more rumours and intelligent guesses that Apple is buying Beats Electronics for the sum $3.2 billion. A new rumour is saying the purchase will be finalised soon despite the many reasons for it not to happen (and the different reactions of the public on Twitter).

A reliable source for TechCrunch reported that he’s “70% sure” this will be finalised. I don’t really doubt this particular news because there are just too many hints. We currently don’t know what Apple wants to do with Beats, but we hope to hear their plans at the WWDC in early June. We were expecting the Apple-Beats deal to be finalized this week, but it’s already Friday and nothing from either of the two companies yet.

You may remember that earlier this year, the Beats Music app became available for iOS. That may have been the first sign, but we didn’t see any Beats-joining-Apple drama happening. Still, this topic has been exciting and entertaining, and we look forward to seeing it resolved.

Via [9to5Mac]

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