Review: Save your dog from aliens in Gomo from Fishcow Studio

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That dirty alien scumbag took your dog and is holding it for ransom. There’s nothing for it but to get this strange crystal the alien wants in exchange for your pet. The obvious question is why would an alien capable of interstellar travel would need a relative sack of potatoes like you to collect a crystal? Let’s put that one aside for now because there are more pressing matters at hand.


The first thing you’ll notice about Gomo are the primitive comic style visuals. You’ll also notice the background audio, unfortunately, as there are a couple of scenes where the music loop gets a bit annoying. The game moves at a leisurely pace, and be ready to do some waiting between action. Gomo comes with some puzzles to solve, and in the spirit of an “exploration” game, there is little to no help identifying the objectives of a given puzzle/area. There are some walkthroughs online if you get a bit stuck.


If you manage to navigate all the tasks and puzzles, you will have collected the red crystal and traded it for your dog. At this point it’s party time (with a cameo from most of the “characters” from the game). You may be surprised at reaching the end because it happens a bit sooner than you might think. In the main menu under “bonus” there are three locked areas, but nothing to tell you how to unlock them.

By the way, if you select New Game from the main menu you don’t get a second player, the game dumps your progress and starts all over (including the story intro) so be careful with this option. There are a few rudimentary settings as well, like language and easy mode on/off. Don’t sweat easy mode being off, the differences seem to be limited to tools highlighting when they are next to the spot you need to use them.


Gomo has some interesting elements, including a few fun nods to the developers’ interests (e.g. H. G. Wells, Star Wars, etc) but the game was not overly engaging. It was a bit like sitting down to what you hoped would be a slice of apple pie and getting only one Fig Newton. It wasn’t all bad, just a bit dry and done too soon. Considering the $7.99 price for this one, I’m not sold.

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Gomo review

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Genre: Point and click adventure
Format: Digital Download
Developer: Fishcow Studio
Mac Publisher: Daedalic Entertainment
Minimum Requirements: OS X Snow Leopard or later, Intel Mac, 1GB RAM, 300MB hard disk space
Network Feature: No
Price: $7.99
Rating: 9+
Availability: Out now

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