iOS 7 adoption rate increases as WWDC approaches

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Ready for a data-driven post? In business, they’re like a miner’s gold, especially if you know how to analyze and interpret them. For Apple, it’s a good data-day as online network ad Chitika rolls out news that the iOS 7 adoption rate increased nearly 90% as of this writing—ahead of WWDC 2014.

With Apple about to unveil (hopefully) the new iOS 8—Chitika’s new data shows that nearly 90% of iPhones in United States and Canada are now running the current mobile operating system.


” ‘Expectedly, the latest data indicate[s] continued usage share growth for iOS 7 across both iPhones and iPads in North America,’ Chitika wrote in a blog post Friday,” PC Magazine reported. “At this point, iOS 7 is also running on “just under” 85 percent of iPads, up 6.3 percentage points since February, the firm said.”

Chitika arrived at these numbers based on May 22-28 impressions examined on its network in U.S and Canada.

It’s expected Apple will unveil iOS 8 at WWDC, but users likely won’t get their hands-on in until fall). We also expect to see more goodies for developers and users, hardware upgrades, the next version of Mac OS X and much more during the WWDC Keynote Monday at 10am PDT, 1pm EDT. Be sure to join us for all of our WWDC 2014 coverage.

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