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The Snappgrip (with the extra “p” because it has an app as well) turns your iPhone 5/5s into a fully featured point-and-shoot camera, and it’s now available from Apple accessory shop BiteMyApple. The Snappgrip controller and case are part of the Snappgrip ecosystem, which includes accessory lenses and cases for Samsung’s Android phones, so you can share your controller grip between all your phones for quick picture taking.



Although it has great optics and advanced processing software, the iPhone’s slim profile and diminutive weight actually work against it as a camera. It’s tough to hold one handed and shoot pictures (something DSLR users enjoy), and the two handed hold isn’t comfortable for long term use. The iPhone’s thinness and awkward placement of both physical and onscreen buttons means you’re likely to need two hands for shooting pictures no matter how you use it. The Snappgrip changes up your iPhone by adding a grip with physical buttons, so you can hold, point, zoom, and shoot one handed.


Snappgrip consists of a protective slimline case for the iPhone 5/5s, onto which the Snappgrip handle attaches. An iPhone 5c case is coming soon, and the company also makes a line of Samsung cases (not available from BiteMyApple). The grip handle attaches to any of the cases, so you can share with all the phone users in your house.

Once paired with your phone via Bluetooth, the handle’s zoom and shutter buttons let you control the camera functions using the Snappgrip app. This gives you the added bonus of more stable images and a more reliable grip on your phone so you won’t drop it while shooting vacation photos. The included wrist strap provides extra protection, while the included tripod and mount extend your creative options.


Snappgrip goes for $69.99 at the online store. The app is available from the App Store, and you can check out full details of this camera case at Snappgrip’s website.

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