Review: Microlab FC60 BT Nearfield speakers

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Just listen. That’s the slogan for Microlab, a company that’s created a line of high quality speaker systems. No fancy marketing or advertising here, they simply let the speakers…eh…do the talking. Microlab has announced a new 2.1 channel speaker system: the FC60 BT Desktop Nearfield Speaker.  This is a speaker system designed to handle multiple audio inputs, including Bluetooth streaming. Just listen, they said, and that’s exactly what we did.

Microlab FC60 BT


The FC60 BT Nearfield Speakers offer a 105 Watt 2.1 channel system with two 25 Watt satellite speakers and a single 55 Watt powered subwoofer.  Each side offers a 1″ tweeter and a 6″ midrange speaker housed in an acrylic stand to present a modern look.  The subwoofer contains a ported 8″ speaker on the left side of the box.

On the back of the box, there are two different audio input connections. You can either use the analog RCA input connection or the optical S/PDIF connection. An optical cable is provided, along with a 1/8″ stereo jack to RCA cable to allow you to connect any audio device that has a headphone jack.  Also on the back are two separate control knobs to adjust the master volume output and the bass level.

The “BT” and “Nearfield” part of the name for these speakers gives you one additional way to listen to music. The FC60 BT speakers also has Bluetooth 4.0 A2DP stereo audio streaming. The Nearfield part is a feature designed for Android and Microsoft devices that allows them to simply tap onto the wireless controller to connect to the speakers. Regular pairing of the speakers to either an iPhone or an iPad was very simple and painless to set up.

Microlab FC60 BT Box

Also packaged with the speakers is a wireless controller that’s shaped like a hockey puck. It allows you to change input sources, volume, and—in some cases—playback control.


After pairing my iPhone and tapping on the wireless controller to select the audio source, the speaker system announced Bluetooth enabled and connected. Even the Microlab logo switched from a white light to blue to indicate which audio input was being played. The controller also took command of the audio playback from my iPhone, allowing me to pause, play, skip, and fast forward or rewind the song in play. The ability to switch sources from the controller makes this a great solution to use with your computer or stereo component while allowing Bluetooth streaming all from the same speaker system.

Microlab FC60 BT Package

The audio playback has a very rich sound; excellent midrange as well as higher sound coming from the two satellite speakers. The subwoofer provided good bass presence without overpowering the entire sound stage. The powered speaker system does very well from small to very large spaces.  ven at higher volumes, I did not notice any distortion (unless made deliberate in the music).


The Microlab FC60 BT Nearfield Speaker is a great 2.1 speaker system designed to handle multiple audio inputs—including Bluetooth streaming—with the convenience of a wireless controller. The modern design makes this worthy to display on its own, and it’s very easy to set up and operate right away.

If you’re looking for a good 2.1 speaker system, give this strong consideration.  Better yet, just listen.

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Microlab FC60 BT speakers review

Buy the Microlab FC60 BT Nearfield Speaker

Provides: 2.1 stereo wired and Bluetooth / Nearfield audio reproduction
Developer: Microlab
Minimum Requirements: Any Bluetooth audio device, or device with 1/8″ stereo mini-jack, RCA, or S/PDIF optical ouputs
Price: $449
Availability: Soon

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