OS X v10.10 screenshots leaked

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OS X 10.10 screenshots leakedScreenshots of what appears to be OS X v10.10 for Apple’s Mac computers have been leaked online by a now defunct Reddit account. The screenshots appear to be genuine and provide a good overview of at least some of the large changes expected to be a part of OS X 10.10. Apple is likely to announce OS X 10.10 at WWDC 2014 later today, which will either confirm or disprove the genuine nature of these screenshots.

Four separate images were posted, showing major changes to core OS X features such as the dock, Spotlight, and notification center, as well as other parts of the OS. The Spotlight upgrades seem to include the ability to view files before opening them, a feature that is present in alternative Spotlight apps that can be downloaded from iTunes.

With banners going up around San Francisco’s Moscone Center—the event location for WWDC 2014—that are for both iOS 8 and OS X, it is very likely Apple will be announcing those during the first day of the event, with hardware announcements being a possibility. The announcements will go together well since the latest changes to OS X show that Apple is trying to incorporate as much from iOS into the Mac operating system as possible.

Via [The Verge]

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