Upcoming Intel Xeon processors leaked

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Intel Xeon LeakedOops, seems like someone screwed up big time. According to AppleInsider, a reseller has accidentally revealed that the new chip, codenamed Harpertown, will feature speeds ranging from 2.0GHz all the way to 3.16GHz. These chips are destined for the future Mac Pro, but its currently unclear which models Apple will actually select.

The specifications show that these chips should pack a punch: they’re loaded with 12 MB of Level-2 cache, dissipate around 80W (120W for the 3.16GHz model) and run on a 1.3GHz front side bus. Prices range from $209 to $1172, but of course its always subject to change. Especially if it’s been leaked.

Via [AppleInsider]

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  • Glenn Wolsey

    WHat do you mean someone screwed up big time? Intel have their new processor roadmap open to the public, none of the information is a secret. We've known for a long while these chips were coming out.