WWDC 2014: This is my favorite new iOS 8 feature

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MessagesAt the WWDC 2014 keynote, Apple announced quite a new updates to the forthcoming iOS 8. We’ll have plenty of coverage of these features in the coming days, but I first have to focus on my personal favorite, which is part of the Messages update.

My family has a habit of group messaging each other when organizing a get together, or just when something interesting is going on. That’s all well and good, except some of us tend to go on too long after the point has been made. This is made worse by the fact that one of my brothers is on an Android device, meaning I get the dreaded green bubble for all messages in the thread, and I don’t have unlimited texts on my plan.

The new iMessage has two features to address such problems. First, you can silence specific threads while allowing others to go through. So, if you get stuck in a “super-chatty” thread that’s becoming a nuisance, you can just shut off notifications for it while allowing more important message notifications through.

Even better, you can leave a thread at any time. So, let’s say your brother, like mine, includes you in a thread about Big Country touring the area, for one reason or another. After you say you’re not so much interested, you won’t have to be part of the back and forth over the next couple of hours over what’s Big Country’s best song (it’s “In a Big Country,” by the way).

There’s plenty more to talk about, so stick around at AppleTell for our detailed looks at the technology unveiled today. You’re sure to find your own favorites.


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