iOS 8 to include Wi-Fi calling

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iOS 8The WWDC keynote is over. If you weren’t at the Moscone Center in San Francisco or weren’t able to watch the live stream, Apple unveiled iOS 8 with with many new features. What wasn’t announced is Wi-Fi calling, which Apple silently showed off during the visual presentation. We have no idea how Apple is going to implement this, but I’m thinking it’ll be something along with lines of Viber or WhatsApp. Or, it may be something like what can already be done with FaceTime.

Apple may take advantage of what T-Mobile and Sprint are currently offering: SMS and calls over WiFi. Sprint announced this service earlier in February for the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 and Galaxy S4 mini. On the other hand is T-Mobile’s Wi-Fi calling was first introduced in 2011.

Sending texts and making calls over WiFi means they are not counted toward your monthly text and call limit. iOS 8 may not be the first mobile OS to offer this, but it’s something to which we can look forward, especially since it will also be able to be done on the iPad and iPod touch.

The iOS 8 isn’t ready yet, but hopefully we’ll learn more about Wi-Fi calling as developers get their hands on it.

Via [PhoneArena]

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