Munin to offer Norse puzzle fun for everyone

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When Daedalic Entertainment announces a new game for computers or mobile devices, you kind of have to pay attention; they have a knack for finding the more interesting titles out there, the latest example of which is Munin from Portuguese developer Gojira.

In this 2D puzzle platformer, players enter the world of the Norse gods. The raven Munin—one of the two loyal messengers of Odin (the father of the gods) has been transformed into a little human girl, and his feathers have been scattered across the nine worlds of Yggdrasil. Your job is to find the feathers and restore the raven to his true form.

Munin combines classic side-scrolling gameplay with screen elements which can be rotated 360°. By turning the different screen elements, players open blocked paths, overcome obstacles, and create new passages. Thus columns are converted into bridges, and the ceiling of the cave suddenly becomes a safe bridge. Along with classic switches and moving levels, the physical properties of a wide variety of objects in the game can also be put to clever use in order to move forward, giving Munin even more game depth. Liquids such as lava or water begin to flow thanks to rotation, stones and boulders fall into the depths thanks to gravity. In order to help players keep from becoming disoriented, Norse runes point the way to the lost feathers.

Munin will offer a unique look into Norse mythology spread across 77 tricky puzzles, totally around seven hours of game play.

Munin will be released on July 7th, 2014 for iOS and Android for $2.99. PC, Mac and Linux gamers won’t have to wait as long, as Munin for computers will appear right in time for E3 on June 10th for $9.99. For more information, visit

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