The Best Free Apps for June 6, 2014

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screen568x568-6If you were the maker of a game called Dots, what would you call the next game you make? I don’t know, but you might call it TwoDots. TwoDots is a very minimalistic game that challenges you to connect the dots, make bombs, extinguish flames and so much more. Brick Roll is someone looking for a simple game that’s extremely difficult. The controls are simple, but the levels are hard; all you’re doing is rolling and sliding around a classic gaming environment, but you’ve been warned. And for the knights among us, Rival Knights is a game that takes jousting pretty seriously. The graphics are awesome and the animations are motion-captured, so you know it’s quality jousting, and it’s among our best free apps of the week.

The Best Free Apps for iOS:

  • TwoDots – From the makers of the hit game Dots comes this game. Join two brave dots as they traverse arctic tundras and fiery jungles, and plunge the ocean depths. There are 85 challenging levels that will allow you to get better at the game while finding new features. Connect dots, sink anchors, make bombs, extinguish flames, and much more. It’s a very minimalistic game with great design and more levels coming soon.
  • Brick Roll – Are you fast enough? Do you have the skills required to keep up, because this game is going to be hard. You can turn direction by tapping the left side of the screen or lift yourself to upper places by tapping on the right side, while rolling around platforms. The goal is to collect all 50 pellets on each level and make it back to the door. There are 4 worlds, each with 6 levels, a boss fight and even a hidden level. The graphics remind me very much of classic Super Mario games. But don’t wait to long to download this one, because it won’t be free forever.
  • Rival Knights – Feel the adrenaline rush of medieval jousting in this jousting simulator. They say it’s the most intuitive, action-packed, and visually stunning knight combat game on touch screens. That’s quite a lofty claim, considering how many jousting simulators there are. Nevertheless, you can experience the thrill of fast-paced and highly addictive jousting. Sharpen your skills with precision timing and aim, take on foes across 5 leagues, and become the champion of the realm. Not only are the graphics awesome , but the animations are actually based on motion-capture, making for a very realistic look.

The Other Free iOS Apps (some for a limited time):

  • Animated 3D Origami – Games are fun, but folding paper is the ultimate in fun. Okay, that might be a stretch, but this is a pretty cool app. It helps you learn origami with animations to make it super easy to follow along with the folds. There are over 80 traditional origami patterns free in this app.
  • – This app is a must have to those of us who love movies and have small bladders. This app discretely tells you when it’s safe to leave the theater for a bathroom break by vibrating in your pocket. But, thanks largely to Nick Fury, the app also tells you if there’s anything worth waiting for after the end of the credits.
  • Surface Level 4th – This certainly isn’t the first app that measures slopes, angles, and levelness, but it does have a very slick user interface.
  • Robot Race – Race across science-fiction landscapes of the future as the last hope for humanity. Just like Transformers, each robot can transform into either a car or a plane depending on the path that you take on the courses. There are various circuits, weapons, robots, and more to keep is all interesting.
  • Zip – Things take an unfortunate turn for space cadet Zip and his trusty spaceship Alice when it gets hit by an asteroid. Now Zip needs your help to run, fly, and dodge his way through dangerous sectors in a quest to power his spaceship and return home. But not everything is as it seems. There are 32 hand-crafted levels filled with aliens, robots, steaming planets, explosions, and more. Remember, in space, there is no up or down, so you can walk around planets with 360 degree freedom, but you have to pay attention so you don’t get thrown into space.
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