Review: Dragon Quest VIII for iOS brings back the good-old Playstation 2 days

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Square Enix recently released one of the best RPGs ever made for the Playstation console. Nope, sorry to disappoint you Final Fantasy fans, it’s not Final Fantasy VII (yet!), but the other best RPG which made it to the Playstation 2: Dragon Quest VIII. It may have taken Squre Enix a long time to port this game for iOS, but it certainly is worth the wait.

dragon quest VIII

Since it’s been several years since I played Dragon Quest VIII on my Playstation 2, I couldn’t even remember whether I actually finished it or if it became one of those RPGs I began playing only to stop at certain point. Still—finished or not—I certainly recall enjoying the game. And as I play it now on my iPad Air, I have to say I’m still enjoying it; only this time, I can play it at any time, anywhere., and I don’t even need to have my iPad connected to the Internet like many iOS games today. Additionally, I also don’t have to worry about in-app purchases as this game thankfully has none of that.

dragon quest viiiCompared to the original, Dragon Quest VIII for iOS does make some minor omissions and additions. Those of you who loved the original game’s voice overs will be sad to hear the acting of the witty dialogue didn’t make the jump; be content with reading the characters’ dialogue. New to the game is the touch-enabled, directional pad which you may find annoying. But as you get use to it, it shouldn’t be a hindrance to your enjoyment of the game.

When it comes to game mechanics, everything is pretty much intact. This time, you’ll have the comfort of playing the game using a single hand thanks to the cool way of relocating the directional buttons, depending on your preference. You’ll also be able to enjoy this one-hand operation while executing commands during the turn-based game battle. You can execute orders for your characters to attack via a single tap of a button.

Like the original Dragon Quest VIII, the iOS version also uses the skills point system. Every time your team wins a battle, points will be awarded to each character. You can then assign these points to specific skills that will have positive effects for each of your characters.

dragon quest viiiWhile the lack of the class system and the simplicity of the skills point system may turn away hard core RPG fans, casual gamers will find these to their liking since it lessens the burden of completing the game. Speaking of that burden, Dragon Quest VIII is a huge RPG, so be prepared to spend 60 to 70 hours to finish the game.

In the graphics department, well I couldn’t say much since the PS2 version is not really something to brag about. What I can say, though, is that it looks great on my iPad Air, and I’m pretty sure it will look great on the iPhone, as well.

For an iOS Game, Dragon Quest VIII definitely has so much to offer. It has the usual side quests, items to discover and collect, towns to explore, bosses to defeat, characters to acquire, and, of course, monsters recruit and use in battle.

If you’ve played the original Dragon Quest VIII on PS2 and you want to reminisce the good-old days of console gaming (and don’t mind spending $19.99), then grab this game now from the App Store. I just hope you have the hours to spare to complete it, as you will definitely need those.

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Dragon Quest VIII review

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