Review: iRing motion controller for iPhone, iPad

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No, this isn’t how young Vulcans learn the “Live Long and Prosper” gesture. It’s how young Vulcans control the effects on their techno remix.



IK Multimedia has released the iRing hardware in conjunction with a couple apps for using the device. With compatible apps such as GrooveMaker 2, iRing FX/Controller, iRing Music Maker, and DJ Rig, you can calibrate your iRings, create some grooves, and control some cool effects by simply moving your hands around where your iDevice camera can see them.

The rings have two sides: one with three dots in a straight line, the other with three dots in a triangle pattern.


The iRing doesn’t fit on a finger like a traditional ring; it fits between two fingers (take your pick) so it’s easy to pick up and put down one handed. The rings make use of your iDevice front facing camera to locate the dots. By moving your hands in three dimensions you can control different parameters of the groove or of effects.

Each axis of motion (up/down; left/right; near/far) can control a different parameter of an effect or groove so you get quite bit of control by simply moving your hands around. This can be a bit easier to do on the fly than trying to fiddle with 6 buttons, since moving your hands around is pretty easy.

There is some cool factor to be had when you can control the jams with a wave of your hand. However, there is a little bit more latency than I care for (enough for the operator to notice). Also, if you take your hand out of view of the iDevice camera, the effect is dropped. I also had a hard time making a Bluetooth connection to a remote speaker when testing, so that isn’t quite foolproof yet (insert fool joke here—I can take it…).

The iRing FX/Controller comes with only one effect to start, the rest are available for purchase individually for $0.99 or in bundles. The pricing is fair enough, but I’m surprised you don’t get more with the hardware purchase (which is also fairly priced at only $24.99).

Regardless of app pricing, iRing is a descent bit of kit, but it’s definitely for a niche market.

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iRing review

Buy the IK Multimedia iRing

Provides: Gesture-based control for compatible iOS apps
Developer: IK Multimedia
Minimum Requirements: iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and an iRing compatible app
Price: $24.99
Availability: Now

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