Review: Anomaly Defenders reverses the roles

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This iteration of the Anomaly series brings you a new enemy against whom you must defend your race: us. If turn-about is fair play, then Anomaly Defenders is ready for you.

In the closing installment of the Anomaly series of games, you are the aliens defending what’s left of your civilization against the invading humans, bent on destruction and heading your way fast. You have your work cut out for you, as these little homo sapiens are mad as hornets and they have tanks and mechs to back them up.

Anomaly Defenders

The basic goal is to place your defenses in such a way that the humans can’t destroy your launch pad. While your escape vessel is loading up and getting ready for launch, the humans will be sending in tanks, mechs, and whatever else they can throw at you. They will shoot at your towers and harvesters, but their goal is genocide, which means taking out your transport on the launch pad. Each round presents a different layout with locations for tower placement. As you advance and gain TP (tech points, not the other thing) you can upgrade your towers, add new towers, increase your defenses, etc. It’s all the usual elements of a resource management battle game, so if you have played any of this type of game before it should be relatively familiar.

Anomaly Defenders

The visuals are very well done and rather cool looking; there is a nice level of detail, and the graphics are sharp and clean. The background music is suitably ominous and not too intrusive, so another “well done” there. Moving the screen around to see different positions on the field of battle is easy and necessary because the game won’t necessarily let you see everything on one screen. This keeps you from being too complacent with your defenses—you have to keep an eye on things or the humans will start destroying your towers.

The mechanics of playing the game are all mouse/tap based. Click/tap a location to pull up tower options; tap/click a tower to select upgrade, repair, EMP, etc. Don’t forget, you can sell a piece of hardware and use the money for a new tower in a better location. This is handy when your harvesters have extracted all the Carusaurum (money mineral) and are sitting around doing nothing—sell them and buy some defenses or upgrades. There is plenty to manage so you will be kept busy. There is even a fast forward button you can click if the action is too slow. Be careful with this one; you might get a bit overwhelmed by the invading humans. You don’t need to panic just yet, you can also use the pause button to regroup. While the game is paused you can place new defenses, but they won’t build and activate until the game is in motion again. It’s a handy feature, especially when playing on the “hard” setting (not so necessary on “easy”).

Anomaly Defenders may be one of many entries in the defense management game series but it is well done and fun to play. With three difficulty settings and plenty of upgrades to purchase, it can keep you playing for a long time. At only $9.99 it’s a bargain as well.

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Anomaly Defenders review

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Genre: Tower defense
Format: Digital Download
Developer: 11 Bit Studios
Minimum System Requirements: OS X v10.6, 2.8GHz Intel Core 2 Duo procoessor, 2GB RAM, 512MB graphics card, 1GB hard drive space
Network Feature: No
Price: $9.99
Availability: Out now

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