Review: Waterfield Designs Outback Solo for Macbook Air

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Over the years, Waterfield Designs has emerged as a company that offers great quality for a reasonable price. They create sturdy products designed specifically for the various Macbook, iPhone and iPad models, and combine that precision with excellent customer service and support to provide customers with an overall positive experience.

After releasing the Outback Solo for iPad Air, Waterfield has introduced an Outback Solo for Macbook Air. It perfectly houses a 13″ Macbook Air, an iPhone, and accessories for both devices, all of which are covered by a premium leather flap with a magnetic closure (a feature I would have loved to see in their Rough Rider). The Outback Solo for Macbook Air is made of waxed canvas, with a leather flap and neoprene interior.


A Shoulder Strap option is available for $19.00. 


Personally, I have never seen a Macbook case that also doubles as a bag in this way. That is because most Macbook cases are too limited in terms of space and bags are too big to use simply as a case. Waterfield has struck a perfect blend of both in the Outback Solo, as I am able to remove the shoulder strap in order to carry the Outback Solo in my backpack (which also fits in my Staad).


When I want to go simple, I can pop my iPhone into the Outback Solo and attach the shoulder strap to turn it into a lightweight bag.


This is by far one of the best cases I’ve used on my Macbook Air, and one of the easiest to use from Waterfield, especially because it strips down the case/bag experience to the bare essentials. Those bare essentials—my iPhone and Macbook—are key items in my average work day, and most times are the only things I need.

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Walking with the Outback Solo for the Air was very easy because it was very lightweight and I could easily sling it over my shoulder with several other bags that I carry. However, the one gripe I have is that the shoulder strap is the slippery kind (much like a seat belt), and it either digs into the side of my neck or slides around when I’m running for the bus or train (something I do often in New York City).


Ultimately, the Outback Solo for the Macbook Air is yet another home run by Waterfield. I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad experience with one of their products, and I haven’t seen too many negative experiences out in the consumer market, either. This San Francisco based company is doing things right; they keep the brand very tight, don’t do too much marketing, and let the products speak for themselves. It seems to be working very well for them as they continue to introduce new products for the Apple’s Mac and iOS products.

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Provides: Laptop and iPhone storage, transportation and protection of various items
Developer: WaterField Designs
Minimum Requirements: 13″ MacBook or other laptop
Price: $109
Availability: Varies based on production run

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