iWatch may automatically track fitness metrics

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iWatch may automatically track fitness metricsA patent has been filed by Apple that may give some clues as to what the rumored iWatch’s fitness tracking capabilities will be. Fitness tracking is an obvious application for any wearable device, but according to the patent published on Tuesday, Apple may be trying to automatically record fitness metrics including someone’s use of weightlifting equipment. In the patent it is described how the iWatch would be able to determine if the user is currently bench pressing, and could automatically start recording repetitions.

The patent was filed back in 2012, which gives some hope that the fitness tracking capabilities could have been implemented in the upcoming iWatch rather than a later product. Hall Sensors, accelerometers, and processors would all be used to determine what sort of activity a user is currently involved in. Other smart watches that are already on the market generally are not able to automatically track as many fitness-related statistics.

In order for more information to be collected about an exercise, the patent describes how a small sensor clip could be put onto a barbell to record repetitions. Similar clips would be hooked onto other pieces of equipment, and all of them would send data back to the iWatch.

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