iOS 8 beta lets people switch font, color

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iOS 8 beta lets people switch font, colorApple showed some signs of loosening its grip on OS X during WWDC as it introduced a new “black” UI that would let people have at least one way of changing the way the software looks. Now it has been discovered in the iOS 8 beta that Apple may be giving users more control over their mobile OS as well. Developers have discovered support for a alternative UI in the operating system that has a different font and orange/purple color scheme.

This change could ultimately not end up making the public version of iOS, 8 but there is support for it in the beta code. With the new UI there would be a very different font and a purple tint to most areas of the software. Being able to change the iOS interface is something that has not been possible so far without jail breaking. Though, Apple has already announced support for third-party keyboards in iOS 8, which makes this alternative UI even more understandable.

It is also possible that Apple could end up supporting more than one alternative UI, essentially letting users chose their UI color and font. If that is the case, Apple would truly be taking some of the best parts from Android and adding them to iOS.

Via [Cult of Mac]

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