Sonic Jump Fever will have you jumping for victory

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Sonic Jump Fever

Compete with your friends in Sonic Jump Fever, coming this summer to iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices as a free download.

Play as Sonic, Knuckles, and a host of classic characters as you play fast vertical-jumping challenges for the highest scores. Earn points quickly by quickly deploying boosters, upgrades, and unique character abilities and unleash Fever Mode which puts players into hyper-speed to pull off huge combos.

At the beginning of every round, scores are displayed on a leaderboard so friends can immediately see who is doing the best and climbing the ranks. But don’t get too comfortable at the top, because twice a week the leaderboards are reset and competition moves to the next Sonic zone.

AppleTell editor Kirk Hiner was able to spend some time with Sonic Jump Fever at an E3 2014 event, and said that it manages to retain the feel of a Sonic game, even if it’s just a jumper at heart.

Learn more about Sonic Jump Fever on Facebook and Twitter.

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