E3 2014: Hanging Out With the Devil’s Men

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Yesterday, Daedalic announced that they’re working on a Blackguards sequel, due out in early 2015. We later had a chance to meeting with them at E3, but it wasn’t Blackguards 2 that commanded our attention, it’s the upcoming adventure game The Devil’s Men for Mac and PC.

The Devil's Men

We were able to speak at length with author Kevin Mentz, the game’s narrative designer, about The Devil’s Men’s unique setting and what separates it from other adventure games.

The story takes place in an alternate England in 1871. Split by class, the well-to-do live in one section of town, with the “unfortunates” occupying the other, which includes the ruins of an earlier exhibition. One of our heroes, Adelaide Spektor, lives among these ruins, having been abandoned at a young age by her father, the famous detective Karol Spektor. Upon witnessing the murder of an old friend of her father, she uses this a chance to impress and reunite with him on the other side of the river.

To do this, she enlists the help of Emily, a double murderer, and part of the “Colony” that Adelaide is cautiously trying to avoid.

This, then is where the unique gameplay kicks in. You control both Adelaide and Emily, and the decisions you make with one will impact what the other has to do, making it easier or more difficult for her. All of the puzzles are solvable, of course, but the lengths to which you have to go are impacted by what you’ve done earlier in the game.

And, of course, their investigation of the murder will lead them into more peril than they could have imagined:

Together the two women get entangled in a plot leading to the “Devil’s Men” – a coterie of scientists who have exceeded the limits of the spiritual and material world decades ago, yet are bizarrily perishing one after another. Will Adelaide and Emily manage to track down Karol Spektor? And what is his connection to the Devil’s Men?

The Devil’s Men promises a fresh take on the adventure game genre, accented by beautiful graphics. The characters are 2D set in a 3D world, creating some very cool effects as the camera pans across a room. Although it won’t be released the spring of 2015, The Devil’s Men is already shaping up to be a game worth putting on your radar. Until then, check out all of our E3 2014 coverage for additional Mac and iOS games coming our way.

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